All Great People Think Alike…


Tagore 2 pic
Rabindranath Tagore (India’s only Nobel Laureate Poet)


About 4 years ago, I caught the Rabindra Sangeet bug and ‘Tobu Mone Rekho’ was one of the songs that I learned to sing. I was enthralled and captivated by the great depth and intensity of this song and it remains my favorite till this day. It is widely believed that Tagore wrote this song in 1888 in the memory of his sister-in-law Kadambari who committed suicide in 1884 after his marriage to Mrinalini…

I even made a recording on my mobile phone as I sang this song, just to see where I stood vis-a-vis Sraboni Sen.  I was rather amused with the results!

I stumbled upon a very exciting discovery today: an uncanny similarity of meaning between Tagore’s song ‘Tobu Mone Rekho’ which means ‘Still remember me” and Christina Georgina Rosetti’s poem “Remember.”
Rosetti pic
Christina Georgina Rosetti

Rosetti was also in a very melancholic mood when she wrote this poem. She was seriously ill and in this poem, which was written in 1862, she has expressed her desire to be remembered even after death.

The links to the works in question are given below. Take a look and see for yourself. Perhaps Tagore was influenced by Rosetti, but this does prove that all great people think alike.

Tobu Mone Rekho:

Rosetti’s ‘Remember’:


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