Broken Gods

A few days ago, I wrote about a little boy Golu, age 8 or 10, whom I came to know recently. (

During our last meeting, he seemed to be happy and cheerful in spite of the terrible odds stacked against him. But I haven’t seen him since then. I am worried about him and I wonder if he is okay.

On Friday this week, 8 July 2016, I tried to find some clue about his whereabouts from the idols he had placed so lovingly under the tree near the temple close to my house. I got a shock of my life when I reached there. The idols were in a very sorry condition . Some of them had broken feet and were lying helplessly on their backs…It was a very depressing sight, All kinds of frightful thoughts crowded around in my mind. Maybe Golu was thrashed heavily by abusive parents; maybe he was maimed and forced into begging by a gang of criminals; maybe he’s turned into a drug addict, etc, etc.

I was not in the best of moods that day and the sight of these broken Gods only intensified my feelings of helplessness. A person whose own future depends on the whims and fancies of rich and arrogant people can’t do much for another human being. This was the thought that hit my soul with a resounding slap that day.

But life has go on and you have to remain afloat…I consoled myself with the thought that beyond these man-made Gods, there is another divine power, which is supreme, omnipotent, and universal. This higher God will take care of Golu…

The photos are given below.






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