Last Day In Last Office


Today, as my eyes rove around in my new office, I smile as I think of my last day in my previous office last week where I served for about 2-1/2 years…

I was in a very tumultuous mood that day. Waves of bitterness and feelings of disappointment kept swamping over me, threatening to drown me into their abyss. I had to take great pains to ensure that that I didn’t utter a single bitter word and my eyes didn’t fill with tears because in corporate circles it’s very important to leave with a good note.  I wanted to walk out on my last day with a smile on my face and my head held high.

I was lucky that day. A colleague had brought Eid sweets for everyone in the office. When he learnt that I was not going to come to office from next day onwards, he gave me extra helpings of the seviyan. I felt really good. The sweetness of the sweets neutralized the bitterness that kept hitting my tongue and gave me a feeling of being sent off with a warm farewell. If I will remember anyone from that office for a very long time, it will be this person who fed me with Eid sweets on my last day…

While I was walking out, I observed that special preparations were going on for an upcoming event in the showroom. The floor near the exit door was being decorated with rangolis of Marigold flowers. I clicked several pics of these rangoli patterns as I walked past them. I told myself that it was God’s way of making me feel like a movie star and making my exit a glamorous one as in films…

Here are some more pics…


—Jasbir Chatterjee

13 July 2016

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