Tooth Ache


The sun had set and an all-pervasive inky blackness had descended over Delhi. Vehicles inched through the chaotic traffic, their headlamps piercing the darkness with their bright yellow-orange lights. My toothache kept getting worse with every passing minute. Waves of shooting pain passed through my ears, head, and eyes. I was beginning to feel weak and helpless. I thought I was going to faint and I wanted to just stop for a while and cry.

As I began crossing the road, my gaze fell on 2 men. They were spreading their bedding rolls on the pavement, getting ready for a long night;  a night that could well be their last. Did they have dinner? There was no one to ask them this question. Surely, their pain and sorrow were much greater than mine, I told myself. My tears dried up instantly and I kept walking.

My feet propelled me to a dentist’s clinic…

Some more pics…


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