Home is…

My definitions of home, apart from the usual ones…

  1. Home is where a Hibiscus is…



2. Home is where a pigeon is…

Home pigeon.png

Little Birds

Little birds such as sparrows, whom you could see hopping around earlier in pairs have gone extinct in Delhi. You just can’t find them anywhere. But ever since I started travelling daily for work to Noida, which is a border town of Delhi, I found, to my pleasant surprise, that they still exist here. Take a look at this pic. It was clicked on one rainy day, from a spot right outside my office building. There are so many little birds sitting on the electric wires overhead…

little birds.png

An Impudent Machine

card charge machine.png

Sometimes machines suddenly become headstrong and refuse to work as we expect them to. They seem to have minds of their own, like this one for instance….

Last week, I submitted my Delhi metro card to this machine for re-charging. I expected it to return it to me gently, politely, and cheerfully after completion of the required job, just like all other Delhi Metro staff well known for their courtesy and professionalism. To my utter amazement, however, the machine literally threw the card at me with all its pent-up anger. The card finally landed with a thud on the ground about an inch away !

My amazement was followed by amusement and I retorted in Hindi, “Badtameez machine!”

The Story Of An Alien

lizard guest.png

Last night, I had this strange lizard for company. With huge, black eyes she stared at me while I took out rice for dinner from the big steel canister kept on the low stool above her. In spite of all the noise I made during opening and closing of the jar, she remained where she was without winking and budging from her position…

Sometimes reptiles behave very strangely, don’t they? Well, this was what I thought that night.

Here is an account of what happened subsequently…

The following night, however, I had to change my perception. As soon as I opened the door, I was alarmed to see that the same lizard was still there in the same pose. My daughter Nanni suggested that she really must be dead. I had no other option left but to bring a broom and nudge her with it. She remained passive and now she was beginning to stink too. Yes, I was now absolutely sure that she was dead. This was the first time I had seen a dead lizard from so close quarters and I wondered how she could have fallen into this state.

Nanni exclaimed, “Mom, don’t you remember? Yesterday we had called in Pest Control guy to get rid of termites inside our guest bedroom. This lizard must have died because of the fumes from the poisonous spray!”

I felt bad, but I was helpless and I had to get rid of this lizard. Gently, I picked up the piece of paper which had the lizard’s corpse and placed it inside the dustbin kept outside in our balcony. As chance would have it, the dustbin was full right up to its brim as the garbage guy hadn’t come that day. Next morning, when I came out on the balcony, my gaze fell on the dustbin. The paper had fallen out of the dustbin and was floating around with the morning breeze. The lizard had disappeared. Perhaps it was gobbled up by a cat…

Now brace yourself for some more pics below of the dead lizard. They are not meant for the weak-hearted. Photography, I must say, makes you callous and you tend to look at everything in wide-eyed wonder. Nothing shocks you any more.

lizard 2


lizard 3

As you can see below, the lizard just disappeared!

lizard 4 paper

Que Sera, Sera


Que Sera, Sera.png

This pic throws up a lot of unanswered questions and you wonder what this couple is talking about. They are standing close to each other, engaged in a serious discussion, looking ahead, but not at each other. Perhaps they are on the verge of breaking up.

The girl is back from office or studies, it seems. She has a sense of purpose because she is holding a purse and she is properly dressed. But the boy apparently has a casual approach, if you go by his chappals and the slightly upturned collar of his T-shirt. Another possibility is that they are just good friends or perhaps just a brother-sister couple. Whatever it is that this couple is engaged in, this pic makes me worry about them and I hope all goes well with them in future…

They reminded me of these lines from Doris Day’s song, “Que Sera, Sera.”

When I grew up and fell in love,

I asked my lover,

What lies ahead,

Will we have rainbows day after day?

Here’s what he said to me.

Que sera, sera,

Whatever will be, will be.

The future’s not ours to see,

Que sera, sera…”