People And Food

Recently, on my homeward journey in Metro from office , I spotted 2 very cute girls from the Northeast chatting and laughing with each other. While they talked in their native language, images of chowmein laced with vinegar and soya sauce and veg. and paneer momos steaming inside a pan ran through my mind. The more they talked, the hungrier I felt, and the more my mouth watered with the thought of having them all on my dining table. ….

If they had been conversing in Gujrati, I would have probably thought of dhoklas, bhajias, and bhakras and if they had been South Indians, I would have imagined myself sitting with a plate of idlis, vadas, and dosas perhaps, and so on and so forth.

Well, we Indians are quite lucky that way, in culinary matters at least. We have access to a huge variety of foods from different regions, quite unlike so many countries.

Here are some pics of those 2 Northeast girls…




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