Brave Flower

Brave gal indeed, growing on a terrace out of a rock…


A Meeting (Photo-Story)

1. An emergency meeting took place last week.

Agenda: Demonetization, pollution, and population control.

2. Meeting ended with no quick solutions in sight. The participants walked away in disgust, feeling very disappointed.

3. Going, going, gone…

Fun With Sour Apples

Grapes can be sour sometimes; like so many other things in life. You just need to be patient and stay positive, that’s all. But what about apples?

Last week, I bought a kilo of red, crisp looking apples. I got a shock of my life when I dug my teeth into one of them the other day. It tasted more like tamarind and less like an apple!

But I didn’t have the heart to throw those glamorous apples into the dustbin, so I thought, “Let me use them in creating something new.”

Here are a few recipes. They all turned out to be very yummy, to my pleasant surprise!

1.Apple chutney

a. Cut one sour apple and one tomato into small slices. Grind these in a mixi with some water, gur, salt, half teaspoon each of whole jeera and coriander seeds, and 2-3 green chillies.

b. Store the chutney in a glass container. Serve it with hot paranthas.

Here are the pics.

2. Sweet-sour chick peas curry:

a. Grate two sour apples.

b. Fry onions in 2 tablespoonfulls of oil till they turn pink. Add one tomato.

c. Once they turn into a paste, add grated apples and some chilli powder accorfing to your taste into the karahi.

d. Then add the boiled chick peas and adjust the viscosity of the gravy by adding more water if required. You can also add some grated ginger for extra sharp taste.

You can use this apple-tomato-onion masala for many other recipes too. I used it for ma sabut-rajma gravy, a typical punjabi favorite…

I look forward to reading your comments.

City Lights

The Brighter Side Of City Life…

When a shroud of darkness descends over the city after sunset,

and the street lights start glowing, 

It fills you with a sense of great relief. 

For a few minutes, at least, 

you can easily let yourself forget 

how polluted the city really is

and wallow in the sheer joy 

of that lovely moment…

Jago, Grahak Jago…

Jago, Grahak Jago…(meaning in Hindi, “Wake up, Customer, wake up…”)


Recently, my husband Sukhangshu bagged a major role in Badalav, a short Youtube film by Ministry of Consumer Affairs on this subject. It made me feel very proud…Click here…

Little Performers


While travelling in the Delhi Metro today on my way to work, I came across a bunch of little performers with a dholak and tattoos on their cheeks. They were accompanied by some older family members. They looked very cute and I couldn’t resist the temptation of clicking their pics while they were busy chatting with each other. They made me forget my worries and for some time I felt light and happy. I was pleasantly surprised to find them looking cheerful and nicely dressed. Whenever you see such kids performing on the streets, they generally look hungry, malnourished, deprived, and unhappy and seem to be working because they are forced to.

Here’s another pic…I wonder what this sleeping infant will turn into when he grows up…Another artist perhaps…

mother child.png




Pollution In UP, India

burning garbage.png

Today’s Times of India (1 November 2016) had this to say about atmospheric pollution in Noida: ‘Noida Air 9 Times Beyond Safe Limits.


I was not shocked when I read this, to be honest. It simply had to happen. Just look around you in UP. No one seems to be doing anything about pollution. We are either passive spectators or carelessly contributing to it. Garbage is burnt daily all over UP with impunity. Immersions of dead bodies and holy idols into rivers happen daily and all through the year. Every Diwali, in spite of so many campaigns, millions of polluting crackers are burnt.

Governments must remember that without public involvement, anti-pollution measures will have no meaning whatsoever.  There seems to be a major disconnect here in UP and Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav needs to steer his state out of useless politics and engage his people in more constructive activities.

Since I pass through Ghaziabad and Noida daily on my way to work, I feel concerned and writing this piece is my way of doing my bit for this situation as a writer. Take a close look at the pic above and you will understand what I mean.

Isn’t it sad, the way we vandalize our environment and let poor animals search for food in the ashes we leave behind?

cow ashes.png