Ginger Pickle

A few days ago, a colleague of mine offered me some ginger pickle.I found it absolutely delicious. So I asked her for the recipe. I was really amazed when she shared it with me. It was so simple. I made it myself the following Sunday. I added some green chillies too later on…

Ginger is very good for building up immunity and helps in digestion. This pickle is free of oil and spices and still gives a tangy touch. Try it. You would love it. 

Here is the 1-2-3 recipe along with pics…

1. I first peeled and washed the ginger.

2. Then I cut and sliced the ginger.

3. Then I put the sliced ginger into a glass jar along with lemon juice and salt. I stored it in the refrigerator.

Precautions: After you complete this process, you might get a very severe itching sensation on your fingers. I got it too. I got rid of it by washing my hands several times with soap and rubbing coconut oil.

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