Lonely, Homesick Bees…


 While dusting my balcony walls and corners yesterday at home on a leisurely Sunday, 16Apr.17, I found this pair of bees gnawing at a little piece of a honeycomb…

I found this rather strange because I have always seen bees as ferocious invaders, suddenly taking over a corner of your house as one big unit and building a huge honeycomb within a few minutes of arrival. To avoid landing in hospital with a million bee stings all over you, you need to call in specially skilled people to take them away.

By evening that day, however, the bees were gone and their old, wornout hive, fell on the ground, its size unchanged…


Why were those 2 bees behaving as loners? I can’t say really. Perhaps it is better to leave it at that and accept it as one of those mysteries of Mother Nature that you can never quite understand…

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