A Newly Wedded House

When you find the front part of a house decorated like this in a big, faceless city like Delhi when there’s no major festival like Diwali, it is an indication that someone in this house got married recently.

If you just let your imagination run wild for some time while you ponder over what might be going on behind those four walls, a lot of things will flit through your mind like butterflies…The bridal room, love, romance, sex, the married couple forever seeking each other…

Different people decorate their homes during weddings in different ways, depending on their tastes, culture, customs, traditions, lifestyle, and income bracket…

If the house belongs to the boy’s family, you might perhaps find a decorated car too nearby, bedecked with flowers and little bouquets sellotaped all over it.

The car is often one of the dowry items that the bride brings to the family. Just like the house, you might perhaps wonder about the car too. Was it demanded or happily gifted? Was it easy for the girl’s family to bear its cost? Did it perhaps take away the entire hard-earned savings of a lifetime of a helpless individual?

All these thoughts fill your mind with worries about the bride’s future in a marriage that is more of  a commercial transaction than anything else with a special scheme of girl + car thrown in; an arrangement in which she is considered just a commodity to be used and discarded…

But you can’t live with negative thoughts, can you? So I cheer myself by saying to myself that the car was perhaps bought by the girl herself with her own hard-earned money and perhaps it’s a love marriage with no business involved…

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