Feeling Safe…

A good government always works like a good mother; quietly, sincerely, honestly, unobtrusively without making too much fuss. It hovers around its citizens like a protective, benevolent spirit and you see evidence of its love and care in nice little things happening around you…

A few days ago, I noticed small pits dug up all through our community park in AG-1, Vikaspuri. I wondered what they were up to.

A couple of days later, while walking through the park one morning on my way to work, I was pleasantly surprised by little poles jutting out of these pits, each holding a little lamp. That night, on my way home, I found the park immersed in bright, fluorescent light. There were no longer any dark, unlit corners…

Our park now feels safer…Hopefully, this will change the perception of Delhi as the ‘Crime City.’

See the pics below.

In the morning…

At night…

5 thoughts on “Feeling Safe…”

  1. One tends to litter less in a well lit park. I guess this will also contribute to cleaner environment. Kudos to the Govt body whosoever though and executed this.

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  2. Thanks Jasbir,

    I’ve beautiful memories of this park. I’ve spent my best years playing, sitting & talking with friends in this park from 1986 to 2004.

    One day early morning around 6:30 am, after my board exams in 1990, I was bowling fast to my friend and your dad happened to walk by the park. Then the park didn’t have walls around and there were just small shrubs around the perimeter. He saw me and was really impressed by my bowling and said I was bowling like Wasim Akram !!

    Still fresh in my memory after 28 years !

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