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Romeo And Juliet, Post Corona

In post Corona era, the world around us has suddenly become cleaner, more beautiful and colorful. But for us humans, that’s only the outward sheen because death in the form of Coronavirus lurks everywhere.

With so many restrictions in place, uncertainty in the air, hospitals bursting to its seams, unable to take any more, dead bodies waiting for hours to be freed from the living world, we feel fettered and colors bring little joy.

So Romeos and Juliets will have to content themselves with romancing in black and white settings with face masks on till this calamity dies down.

Minimising Food Wastage

1. Leftover Rice sticking to pot: Every grain matters, doesn’t it? When you find some rice sticking inside the electric rice cooker, just put some water in the container till the rice is soaked. After an hour, the rice will come off on its own and become easy to remove. Run this water through a strainer and feed the leftover rice to the birds. They will love you for this!

2. Leftover onion: When the onion you have cut is too large, keep the remaining portion in the fridge in a covered container. Use it at the earliest.

3. Leftover Chapatis: And when you have leftover rotis, you can break them into little crumbs and keep them outside for the birds. Or you can keep them in the fridge for consumption next day. Stale rotis can be used to make lots of delicious things, e.g., pizzas, frankies, pakoras, just to name but a few. If you google ‘Stale rotis recipes,’ you will find hundreds of quick, easy-to-make entries.