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Lockdown Peeping – A Poem

Oh, the skies are blue
And the air is clean.
The leaves are joyous green,
The birds are happily chirpin’.

And I am happy.
Well, as happy
As anyone can possibly be.

No office blues.
No travel hassles.
Work only from home.
Oh, it’s a dream come true!

Yes, I am happy!
Well, as happy,
As anyone can possibly be.

But when I get tired of it all,
And the huge universe,
I peep into other people’s lives,
Through windows and railings.

I hope they are happy too.
Well, as happy
As they can possibly be.

— Poem by Jasbir Chatterjee

Here are some peeping pics too. The first photo was clicked by Suroshri Chatterjee, an avid dog lover.

This poem is now on poemhunter also. Click here.

A Deserted Home

Last month, I wrote about a dog family with five little puppies. It was the worst time to be a newborn on the cold, hard streets with Delhi’s winter breaking all previous records. But, thanks to a good Samaritan, they were luckier and survived.

They had food, water, a warm rug to sleep on, a roof over their heads and they appeared to be loved.

Every morning, on my way to work, I always found the five puppies and their Mom fast asleep, curled up together into a single mass, with their eyes shut, blocking the cruel, heartless world out of their lives, if only for a little while. Each time, as I clicked their pics, I thought theirs, at least, was going to be a happy story.

I was wrong. My young 23-year-old daughter broke the bad news to me yesterday.

She said, “Nina Aunty visited them last night. She was not surprised as she keeps rescuing stray dogs. The mother dog (I hate to use the word bitch because of its abusive tone) had left. One puppy was dead. Three had disappeared. The only one left was in great distress, crying bitterly. She brought him to her home. She gave him food, milk, medicines, blankets, and the most important thing, her love and attention.”

She already has a 17-year-old dog whom she rescued when he was three years old. Most people adopt only little puppies because older dogs are unfriendly and difficult to train, but Nina was patient enough and managed to cope with him.

Let’s hope her two adopted dogs get on well with each other.

I am not a dog lover, but for several minutes I remained benumbed after I heard this.

Wryly, I told myself, unplanned parenthood is a curse.

Everyone can’t be like Nina. But the pain and misery, at least, of those poor, hapless dogs can be surely minimized by preventing births of more unwelcome puppies. The municipal bodies and civic authorities ought to sterilize all stray dogs roaming out there on the streets.

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, are you listening?