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Cow & Master

On their way to work…


Slavery And Freedom


One Sunday morning, Prithvi (name changed), wearing lungi, shirt, and running shoes, rode into our colony on a bicycle. He had 2 simian companions, Krishna (a male) and Radha (a female). They were here to earn their bread and butter for that day…

The day held out great promise, since their audience consists of mostly small children and on Sundays, they don’t go to school; they remain at home. As soon as he saw a group of children playing outside a house, he decided that that was where he would begin their day’s work.



He parked his bicycle near that spot and sat down. He took out his damru and began playing it with his one free hand, the other holding on to the chained couple.  Krishna and Radha couple took their cue from him and, with a dazed look in their eyes, obediently performed all the acrobatic and mimicry acts as per his instructions. Radha’s performance was limited to only those acts where a female character was also required, like when Krishna gets married and his bride refuses to leave her parents’ home. All the performances were very smooth without any hiccup whatsoever.

It was pretty obvious that Prithvi was a very good trainer of monkeys. Not once did he raise his voice or hit them.



A little group of people soon gathered around the performers. They were not aware that a wild monkey had also joined them and become part of the audience. He was watching from an adjoining balcony! Ten minutes later, the show ended. Some gave money and a few others gave bananas. A few children requested for a repeat performance. The man obliged and Krishna repeated some of his tricks while Radha peeped from behind Prithvi’s back.

Finally, when it was all over, Prithvi got up and slowly walked away with his bicycle. Radha jumped and perched herself on the rear seat while Krishna continued to walk.



At that very while moment, the wild monkey came down from the balcony and began following them. Suddenly, he stopped  and watched wistfully, lost in thought, as their figures receded away…


It was a very painful moment…

Freedom is such a relative thing, isn’t it? It depends on what you want freedom from. If there were no hunger, everyone would be free and no one wold be a slave…

Love without Chains…



Photo courtesy: Suroshri Chatterjee

The year 2016 will perhaps remain etched in memory as the first exceptionally mild winter in Delhi. The stray dogs in my locality, however, have one more ‘first’ to feel warm and cheerful about. An enthusiastic dog-lover has, for the first time, taken a very good initiative and covered their backs with stylish and colourful jackets. If only we could do something similar for all those helpless people all over the world…

When I saw one of these dogs for the first time, the first thought that came to my mind was that perhaps he was a pet dog who had jumped the fence and didn’t give a damn about the comforts of his owner’s house. But when I took a closer look, I noticed that he didn’t have a leash around his neck. So, obviously, he was a free dog. Here are some more pics. .