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Lockdown Peeping – A Poem

Oh, the skies are blue
And the air is clean.
The leaves are joyous green,
The birds are happily chirpin’.

And I am happy.
Well, as happy
As anyone can possibly be.

No office blues.
No travel hassles.
Work only from home.
Oh, it’s a dream come true!

Yes, I am happy!
Well, as happy,
As anyone can possibly be.

But when I get tired of it all,
And the huge universe,
I peep into other people’s lives,
Through windows and railings.

I hope they are happy too.
Well, as happy
As they can possibly be.

— Poem by Jasbir Chatterjee

Here are some peeping pics too. The first photo was clicked by Suroshri Chatterjee, an avid dog lover.

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