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A Haiku Of Joy

On 26 March 2019, my name appeared in a newspaper for the third time, thanks to Mayank Austen Soofi! See the pic above.

I was completely swept off my feet when I saw the Delhiwala column of the Hindustan Times that day!

While sharing the news with my friends and well-wishers, I surprised myself by using a combination of words that was actually a Haiku!

This was what I wrote.

“My youngest poem Yellow Semals

Flew out of its nest today.

It’s in Hindustan Times, Delhi, today.”

I call this a Haiku of Joy….

Summer 2019

It’s amazing to see what your camera forces you to notice…things that just slip by…Here are some of my latest Summer 2019 pics; all clicked in Delhi…


Tree Nipples…Noticed these yesterday, 7 April 2019, on the bark of a Semal Tree…

tree nipples


Fresh buds…Old wood trying to fly away…


Fresh Beginning


Summer Snakes…


summer snakes




Spring 2019, Delhi

Here are some images that we Delhiwallahs always associate with Spring. Thank God, Spring 2019 is like what it was last year and the years gone by in my life…Who knows what it will be like in 3019…

I heard someone grumbling today about a Semal tree in my colony. “These big flowers are such a big nuisance. They keep falling all over the place. Someone may trip over them and fall.” An old man told me that MCD is trying to remove it as they consider it a safety hazard for the locals. It may fall any time. But many like him, he said, have protested and sent in several applications to stop them from removing it….

Only time will tell…Till then, let’s just enjoy life the way it is.