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A Tragic disconnect

Our newspapers, these days, are preoccupied with things that don’t matter much in the daily lives of ordinary common people. See above. These are front pages of Hindustan Times dated 16th and 17th November 2019.

Prices of basic food items like onions and tomatoes, on the other hand, are sky rocketing and the media is not talking about it as freely as it ought to. It looks like some government person sits down with an editing pencil and orders removal of everything it finds objectionable in the pre-print newspaper copies.

And the most worrisome thing is that while the farmers, the producers, get only peanuts for their labor, 90% of the astronomical prices we pay goes into the pockets of middlemen and traders who have learnt to keep the prices high by manipulating the supplies through hoarding. Read this article. It’s quite an eye opener.

While we end-consumers try to save for the rainy days by scrimping and controlling our consumption of high-priced food items, the farmers end up dumping their farm produce on the streets after having wasted their precious, hard-earned resources on their farms. Many commit suicide out of sheer desperation Very tragic indeed. Something that we common people will never forgive our government for.

We are now in the middle of November 2019 and unlike previous years, the prices of vegetables are far too high, Rs.60 per kg onwards. We are told that enough vegetables are not available as they got destroyed in excessive rains. This is a flimsy excuse, as rain disturbances are a perennial phenomenon. Something that the government needs to prepare adequately for.

Their focus, however, is only on electoral gains and the most alarming part is that they are callously allowing nation’s power and money to go into the hands of a few. We seem to be turning into an oligarchy.

We must rise up against this trend and force our government to wake up before it gets too late. Otherwise onions and tomatoes will have to be consumed like dry fruits.

Deeply Honored

On 6 October 2019 (Ashtami), Aridip Chatterjee, a young 12th class student, got up to recite a poem in the Poetry Recitation Competition during Timarpur’s 106th Durga Puja festival.

As soon as he began, I got the biggest surprise of my life. He announced that the poem he was going to recite, ‘Staying Afloat,’ was written by “Our Very Own Mrs. Jasbir Chatterjee!”

I felt deeply honoured, humbled, and privileged because rarely ever do poets get their due appreciation while they are still alive…

Click here and see the video…

Thanks Aridip, Our Very Own Goltu (that’s his pet name).

Life Of A Compulsive Writer

For me, writing is like praying to God; a solitary activity that completely absorbs my soul. I might as well be moving in a boat alone on a wide, open ocean. Sometimes I feel lonesome, as you often do when God seems to be too busy elsewhere, and my writing hand feels paralysed.

But thoughts and emotions have a power of their own, don’t they? They force words to pour out of your soul like a swollen river even in this paralytic state, especially when writing is the only way you know to express yourself.

I have been writing since my school days and after Internet became easily accessible, I began blogging in 2012. Today, as I look back, I consider my choice of WordPress as a blogging platform a very good one.

There has never been a single dull moment since I joined because of their prompt notifications for every milestone achieved, no matter how small.

Instead of being a fumbling, introverted writer, unsure of herself in the big, bad world, that I was earlier, I am now a confident blogger because of 24×7 love and support of my continuously growing WordPress family.

Every time, my blogging landscape looks bleak and I am filled with self-doubt, WordPress gives me a pleasant surprise, enough to motivate me to keep writing.

On 23 July 2019, I got the biggest surprise of my life. I broke all my previous records by getting 214 views with 54 likes in one single day! I felt as if I had won an Olympic Gold Medal! See below.

A big Thank You, once again, WordPress!

Before you jump to conclusions, however, I will hasten to add that though WordPress is a faithful friend, God will always be God, the Almighty, and nothing and no one can ever substitute Him. Without God’s blessings, nothing is possible.

Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai

This recent pic of mine reminded me of the opening lines of a Bollywood song mentioned above in the title. Its literal translation is “What’s Behind The Blouse?” That’s pretty straight and simple, isn’t it?

It is the metaphorical meaning, however, that arouses passions and raises controversies on what it represents, the female sexuality.

Way back in 1993, when the film Khalayak was released, its choli-ke-peeche song was banned both on All India radio and Doordarshan Television because it was considered vulgar and obscene, replete with double meanings.

But banning never helps, does it? It only whets the craze. In spite of huge criticism, the song became a rage and the film picked up lots of Filmfare awards.

Here is some free advice for still-not-bestseller writers. First get your books banned.

First Commercial Jingle

First crush, first date, first affair, first kiss…Who doesn’t remember them? Anything that happens to you for the first time always remains unforgettable, doesn’t it?

On 14 April 2019, my husband Sukhangshu Chatterjee reached an important milestone in his theater career as a Voiceover Artist.

He recorded his first commercial jingle after first translating the matter into Bangla and singing it as per the original tune.

Click here and listen.

It made us all feel very proud and happy for him.

A Leprechaun

On the night of 14 February 2019, after reaching home from work, I felt something crawling on my neck. I quickly brushed it aside and it landed on the dressing table. I was startled to find that it was not an ordinary moth, but a gold-colored beetle, something I had never ever seen all my life! Where it had come from, I had no idea. I watched it with wide-eyed wonder as it crawled upwards slowly in a leisurely manner…I quickly grabbed my phone and clicked its photos.

People say when such things happen, you should make three wishes. They are always granted.

You might wonder why someone with a postgraduate degree in Mathematics believes in these kinds of superstitions. Well, as you grow older, you realize that a lot of things defy logic and only love, faith, willpower, and positive thinking can make things happen the way you want them to.

I was, of course, too shell-shocked at that time to think of anything else. Today as I look at this pic again, I make those three wishes.

1. I hope and pray that my daughter Suroshri grows up to be a successful, happy, and wonderful human being.

2. My husband Sukhangshu becomes what he deserves to be, a famous Actor.

3. On the same day that this beetle crawled into my life, 40 Indian soldiers lost their lives in Pulwama in a suicide terror attack. Many innocent lives continue to be lost in terror attacks and wars. I wish and pray that violence, wars, and terrorism end and don’t exist even in a dictionary.


And now, my Dear Reader, here is something special for you and your loved ones. Watch this video and make those 3 wishes that you think will give joy to your loved ones and the world around you. Who knows, they might come true, like it did for me!

N.B: As per Google, the Golden Beetle is a native of the Americas. It is not known how this particular one reached India. Something to do with Donald Trump and reverse migration perhaps!☺️

Our 26th…

Photography done by attendees…

Our 26th wedding anniversary on 18 December 2018 turned out to be an extremely memorable occasion, thanks to the meticulous planning and execution of the event by my husband Sukhangshu. Even the invitation format, a specially created video sent through Whatsapp, was specially designed by him with great care and patience. It took him several days to complete it. It was, indeed, a labor of love…And all I had to do was dress up well and be happy and gay on the D-day; which is really the easiest thing to do when there’s love everywhere!

Here is the link.

We were completely overwhelmed with the huge amount of love, best wishes, and blessings we received from all our near and dear ones. We felt we were the world’s luckiest couple.

Our happiness would have been, however, more complete if my Mom and Sukhangshu’s parents had also been around to bless us.

Apart from the all powerful Lord Almighty without whom nothing is possible, our special thanks go to Suroshri, Dad, Dimpy, Sonal, Babuni, Prashant, Mani, her little daughter, Supratika, Shampa, Muni, Babu, Rakhi, Kamal, Anubha, Abhirbhav, Ananya, Ashok Da, Titu Di, and Piyush for being present and helping in making our special day more special…

This gorgeous sari that I am wearing in all the pics was a gift from Sukhangshu. He bought it about a year ago from Bangladesh during one of his theater tours.

Sukhangshu’s black kurta was gifted to him by our daughter Suroshri from her first salary.  It is something that makes us both feel very happy and proud of her.

I didn’t want to waste my previous time in a beauty parlour, so Shampa, an accomplished theater artist, tied my bun in a very stylish juda and put white and red flowers into it to match with my garland that I would wear later…

Here are some more pics.

Shampa…Helping me get ready…

My jooda…Amazingly artistic, isn’t it? And I thought my hair was too thin for a bun!

With Babuni…

Shampa and I, after getting ready…

Jaimala (garlands exchange) ceremony…

Going round the holy fire 7 times, a smaller version this time…Babuni played the Shankh…

Blessings from Dad…

With Dimpy, Dad…Missing you, Mom…

Babuni and Supratika were the first to arrive and came in the morning itself. This pink shawl that I am wearing was gifted to me by Babuni. It remains my favorite till date.

In preparation for our 26th Special Night…

About 40 days later, I sprinkled the dried up petals from my gajra and our garlands over empty flower pots. Let’s see what comes out of them; something very nice, I am sure because spring is just round the corner…

This pic reminds me of my poem “The Withered Petals.” Link:

This time, the petals, by God’s grace, are from a happy, fulfilled life…