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A Musafir, A Tattoo & A Poem

Three years ago, I spotted an extremely enigmatic one-word tattoo behind the neck of a pretty girl while traveling in the Delhi Metro. I wrote about it in my blog. URL: The pic is on top.

What struck me most about the tattoo was its profound meaning expressed in just one single Hindi word ‘musafir,’ meaning traveller. And for a fleeting second, I wondered if the wearer was a poet or a writer or a philosopher or all of them together.

Today, as I recall this incident, I feel more concerned about the tattoo’s owner. I hope and pray to God that the girl is safe and healthy, staying at home, and no longer a musafir…

There are so many rich people on this earth who own huge houses with many bedrooms and bathrooms that they may not ever use properly in their lifetime. And in contrast, there are many who lead almost their entire lives on pavements with no roof, no walls, no privacy. But everyone ultimately has to drop everything behind and move on to the next birth. So it all boils down to one thing: we don’t really own anything. We’re all musafirs, travellers…

And now, here is a poem inspired from the tattoo.

A Musafir

Are you a poet?
A writer?
Or a philosopher?
Or all of them together?
I don’t know.
But yes, about one thing,
I am sure.
Like you,
We too are musafirs;
On our way to the other

A Day out, Post Corona

On 13 May 2020, my husband Sukhangshu and I stepped out after several days of self-isolation to purchase some essentials. We had to walk all the way through as public transport was not available.

To our great surprise, however, our long walk turned into a feast for our eyes as the Gulmohur and Amaltas trees lining the roads were all ablaze with their orange and yellow blossoms and the fallen, slightly withered flowers formed lovely carpets on the dusty ground below.

Though this is a normal annual phenomenon in Delhi, it had a special significance for us this time. With so much uncertainty because of the coronavirus pandemic, it felt great to be around to witness it.

Here are the pics. Thanks to Google photos, they have been stringed together in a movie too. Click here to see it.

Naughty crow! Not ready to go home yet! See below.

Gulmohur flowers below in full blossom….

Amaltas fantasies…See below.

Flower carpets with empty benches, thanks to Corona…

White Champa (Frangipani) flowers…