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Birth of a Leader

No one is a born leader. People become leaders only after passing through fire day in and day out and unceasingly hearing the whispers of their hardened stems, angry rumbles of their ever-thirsty roots, and painful sighs of the fallen ones.

Like this young Adenium flower bud. See how confidently it raises its head against all odds, far away from its merry siblings on the top….

Aqua Y2 Ultra_20160410_081146.jpg

Birth of a new blog

Birth of this blog

After getting a new mobile phone in March 2015, I suddenly felt like a kid who had just got a very interesting toy. I clicked several photographs with its camera. The results I got were beyond my wildest expectations! The images looked sparkling and fresh; each one of them had a professional touch and did not seem to have been clicked by a novice like me. So I kept clicking picture after picture of everything around me that I considered unusual and worth writing about. Flowers, trees, birds, gypsies, etc, etc; they were all there. Once I had a sizeable collection, I started sharing them with my friends and family on Facebook and Whatsapp. For several days their likes and comments kept pouring in.

But once the excitement petered off,  I realized that Facebook and Whatsapp posts have a short shelf life and keep getting buried under new posts, which are huge in number. So I had to find a way to park these posts at a place from where they could be easily retrieved. That’s how my photoblog jasbirchatterjeephotoblog.wordpress.com took birth.