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Birth of a new blog

Birth of this blog

After getting a new mobile phone in March 2015, I suddenly felt like a kid who had just got a very interesting toy. I clicked several photographs with its camera. The results I got were beyond my wildest expectations! The images looked sparkling and fresh; each one of them had a professional touch and did not seem to have been clicked by a novice like me. So I kept clicking picture after picture of everything around me that I considered unusual and worth writing about. Flowers, trees, birds, gypsies, etc, etc; they were all there. Once I had a sizeable collection, I started sharing them with my friends and family on Facebook and Whatsapp. For several days their likes and comments kept pouring in.

But once the excitement petered off,  I realized that Facebook and Whatsapp posts have a short shelf life and keep getting buried under new posts, which are huge in number. So I had to find a way to park these posts at a place from where they could be easily retrieved. That’s how my photoblog jasbirchatterjeephotoblog.wordpress.com took birth.