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Birds In Air – Photography Stunts

There is nothing I enjoy more than clicking photos of birds while they are in motion or just about to leap in air. It gives me the chance to immortalize them in a fully charged state, suspended in air with wings stretched. That’s the image we humans associate with being a free bird, don’t we? Looking at these photos again and again kind of fulfills a need to be completely free amid our gloomy lockdown. Given below are some of them.

You must have perhaps noticed that most of the photos have a common setting, almost like a stage. Well, this is as Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage. And all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts…”

This pic below has been extracted from a video.

White Guests

My walk to the Metro station on 21 March 2017 had an unusual sight in store for me; a bunch of white birds sitting on the bare, brown branches of a tree. They looked like little balls of white  cotton from a distance. I was absolutely thrilled by this sight. I wondered where they had suddenly turned up from. Such sights are rare in a polluted city like Delhi. Maybe Delhi is getting cleaner or perhaps the birds lost their way…We usually get to see only bigger birds like pigeons, vultures, etc in various combinations of shades of black, brown, and white. 

I had a very strong temptation to go closer and take clearer shots, but, proverbially speaking, the only birds I had at that time were the ones in the bush, none in hand,  and I had to content myself with that. I didn’t want to frighten them away and lose what I already had in my view finder.

The crows, I noticed, had very graciously handed over their house to the white visitors with a spirit of atithi-deva-bhava, a Hindi saying meaning a guest is like God. They were perched on the overhead cable, probably trying to decipher the words being uttered by foreign tongues below them…

Here is the pic…