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Budding Talent

Feeling Safe…

A good government always works like a good mother; quietly, sincerely, honestly, unobtrusively without making too much fuss. It hovers around its citizens like a protective, benevolent spirit and you see evidence of its love and care in nice little things happening around you…

A few days ago, I noticed small pits dug up all through our community park in AG-1, Vikaspuri. I wondered what they were up to.

A couple of days later, while walking through the park one morning on my way to work, I was pleasantly surprised by little poles jutting out of these pits, each holding a little lamp. That night, on my way home, I found the park immersed in bright, fluorescent light. There were no longer any dark, unlit corners…

Our park now feels safer…Hopefully, this will change the perception of Delhi as the ‘Crime City.’

See the pics below.

In the morning…

At night…

A Wheel Of Progress

This patch of land in Sector 63, Noida, Delhi NCR, is a constantly changing panaroma. Development activities go on here throughout the year. A Delhi Metro station is also coming up nearby in sector 62. 

The big, round wheel in this pic is that symbol of constant change.  

Reconstruction In Uttar Pradesh

I have never been a BJP supporter and my chances of becoming one in the near future are very remote. Like every other political party, BJP also has its share of extremely aggressive fundamentalists and their tendency to saffronize every burning issue fills me with insecurity as a writer and a citizen of a secular, freethinking country.

But UP’s current Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath, to my pleasant surprise, has turned out to be a big exception. A lot of positive changes are already quite visible if you go by the qualitative difference these days in a patch of land near my office.  Garbage is being removed very fast, public spaces illegally encroached upon are being freed, and so many developmental projects, both big and small, that were stagnant earlier are being revived and pushed to completion; and all this is happening very efficiently, quietly, silently, peacefully, without any clashes, loss of lives or property.

This is what India needs at this time. Sabka sath, sabka vikas (Hindi phrase meaning “Everyone’s support, everyone’s progress”) seems to be turning into a reality…We need many, many more dedicated politicians like Yogiji  in future. If development goes on at this pace for next 5 years at least, UP will probably become India’s best state…

Just take a look at these pics of the area I am talking about, clicked both before and after the elections about 2 months ago. It will help you understand what I mean.

 Before elections…Till around Jan.16…



After elections…Can you see the huge difference? This pic was clicked in Apr.17.




Some more construction pics post elections…



Can you spot 2 tiny men working inside this huge framework?