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Post Diwali Hangover – A Poem


For a Delhiite,
A post Diwali hangover means
Smudged rangolis,
Dried up flower petals,
Dewy mornings,
Cloudy skies,
Sore throats,
Congested chests,
While Lord Ganesha looks on,
As we prepare for another harsh winter ahead…

Diwali 2019

Photo and Rangoli courtesy: Suroshri Chatterjee

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock…

Just three hours, twenty minutes left…

And Diwali 2019 will be history…the bright lights, crackers, laughter, good wishes will all be gone…

I don’t know if you will agree with me, but I feel Diwali 2019 has been quite unlike any of the previous ones.

A strange kind of uneasy calm prevails over the whole country. Though everybody is following the traditions, praying, fasting, feasting, giving, donating, celebrating, deep inside, our nerves are on edge.

With RBI and various government institutions turning into puppets, our money is no longer safe in our banks. Live frugally and save, save, save, that’s what I was taught since childhood. But with banks behaving like robbers and constantly imposing new levies and taxes to eat into savings of ordinary people, parking money in banks no longer makes sense. Common people have no idea what the central government will do next.

Who knows what the hatemongers will come up with and where the next terrorist attack will happen.

Anyway, enough of negative thoughts. Something to do with my sore throat and cough, I think. It’s lasted longer than usual this time and we Delhiites are in for worse days ahead…pollution, even-odd, etc, etc…

Well, Happy Diwali…

Yellow Day 2

On my way to work in The Delhi Metro on 10 February 2019 , I found several people specially dressed in yellow (see pic above) to celebrate the festivals of Basant Panchami and Saraswati Puja on that day. I wished I could join them in their pandals…

It reminded me of another yellow day 2 years ago…Click here and read on… https://jasbirchatterjeephotoblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/07/a-yellow-day/

Leftovers from Valentine’s Day

Whether you like it or not, Valentine’s Day is here to stay in India. Though it is an imported festival, this, by itself, should not stop ultra-conservatives from savoring the wonderfully delicious feelings and sentiments it arouses. The idea of being the occupant of a special place in someone’s heart makes you feel tremendously valued. It makes you feel good, positive and the sheer joy of this feeling percolates into the other aspects of your life too…

If you haven’t already, just try giving a rose to someone you fancy and watch how that person’s face lights up with a huge smile or a naughty grin…