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Green Chutney With Roasted Gram & Tulsi Leaves

Here are the step-by-step pics. They are self-explanatory. Next time, I will experiment with palak (spinach) leaves.

1. First assemble the ingredients, one onion, a small bunch each of leaves of mint (pudina), dhania (corriander), 3-4 green chillies, some curry leaves, Tulsi leaves, and half cup of roasted, de-skinned gram.

2. Wash all the leaves properly and grind them in a mixie with some salt as per taste.

3. Garnish.

Green Peanut Chutney

Today, on 15 September 2019, I made my own version of a green chutney with roasted peanuts. It was for the first time that I used roasted peanuts in a chutney and it tasted absolutely heavenly! My family loved it. Its taste was similar to that of a coconut chutney.

Before going for work, my husband Sukhangshu asked me to keep some for him for dinner. I took that as a big complement.

I wondered why I didn’t try it out earlier. It’s so simple and easy to make, far easier than coconut chutney which I make very often. Coconut chutney requires almost 10 times more effort and time. You first need to crack a coconut and keep aside its water. Then you need to extract the edible part from its shell after hitting it several times from diferent angles. Next, you have to grate the coconut. I have often injured my fingers while doing all these activities. Those days are gone now.

Here is the recipe.

Ingredients: Green coriander 50 g, curry leaves 1 tablespoon, 6 green chillies, one onion, raw peanuts half cup, amchur one teaspoon.

Method: Roast peanuts on medium flame and keep stirring to avoid burning for about a minute or two till the outer covering starts cracking and coming off. Switch off the gas and allow peanuts to cool down. Then rub them between your fingers till the outer coating comes off from all the nuts. Blow air from your mouth into the plate of peanuts and you will see that the brown flakes will all fly off.

In a mixie, add all the ingredients (peanuts, green chillies, coriander leaves, curry leaves, onion, and salt (as per taste) with about a cup of water. Grind them all into a paste. Your green chutney is ready.


Next time, I will use roasted chana in place of peanuts and see what the chutney tastes like.

Gavar Paratha


Last Sunday, during my weekly stock-taking in my kitchen, I noticed that my fridge contained a 4-day-old cooked Gavar Phali (Cluster Beans) dish. We had already had it several times already and none of my family members wanted to eat it any more. Gavar is not a very popular vegetable anyway. But I hate to waste food items, so I had to find a way out and turn it to into something else that could be eaten with great relish.

Another item sitting idle was pudina (mint). I  had bought fresh pudina 3 days ago for making chutney. But the mixie conked out at the last minute, leaving me with a bowlful of pudina that couldn’t be stored in the fridge for too long. Its leaves turn black very soon. So I dried the leaves in the microwave oven. I used a little bit of this in a few dishes, but a lot of it was still remaining…

I decided to apply my Mom’s style of cooking that day and combined both of these items with atta, onions and spices. I kneaded the whole stuff into a dough and made parathas with it. They were delicious and all the items were over in a jiffy. Here are the pics…

  1. Mix atta (mixed grain preferable), cooked gavar vegetable (you can use boiled gavar also), chopped onions, dried pudina (you can use fresh pudina also), and spices (ajwain, salt, etc). I added only salt and ajwain, since my cooked gavar was already well-spiced.


2. While kneading the dough, remove the gavar threads that you come across, since they might upset your stomach. This bowl that you see here contained the cooked gavar earlier, as you must have guessed from the oil and spices sticking to it. The idea of writing this post came to me only after the gavar and pudina had got mashed inside the dough…


3. Take out rolls of dough.


4. Roll each of these balls on a chakla like this.



5. Shallow fry the paratha on a tawa and remove it after it turns brown on all sides.


6. Serve the parathas with a chutney/dip of your choice.