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Petition – Rainwater Harvesting


Yesterday, I launched a petition to our Chief Minister and Dy. Chief Minister, Delhi, to take up rain water harvesting as number one priority. Just open the link below.


Keeping in mind the terrible hardships and anxiety we Delhiites went through and continue to suffer post damage by the protesters to the Munak Canal, this matter can no longer be pushed under the carpet. Unless we build alternative sources of water, Delhi will turn into another Hiroshima one day. I got the hint today when stinking water gushed out of my tap and after just one hour, the supply was cut off completely.

Dear Friends, please join me in this petition by signing it and asking your friends to sign it too.  It’s a matter of everyone’s survival.

Latest status as on 10 April 2016

On 10 April 2016, a small report appeared somewhere deep inside the Hindustan Times (Delhi edition, 10 April 2016). It was regarding steps being taken by the Delhi Government to implement rainwater harvesting.

URL: Link: http://paper.hindustantimes.com/epaper/viewer.aspx#

Just in case the link doesn’t open, the text of the report is given below.

“NEW DELHI: The Delhi government is going to make rainwater harvesting mandatory from July.

According to a senior Delhi Jal Board official, any plot or building having 500 square metre area or above will have to make arrangements for rainwater harvesting on their premises. If residents, who fall under this criteria, don’t implement the rain water harvesting then their water bills will be hiked 1.5 times after July 1.

“We are making rain water harvesting mandatory in the city. We have given time to make arrangements till June 30. Penalty will be imposed after July 1,” Delhi water minister Kapil Mishra said on Saturday.

The government has also decided to give incentives to people taking up rainwater harvesting.

“Earlier, we were offering 10% incentive of the cost on RWH at the plots of 2,000 square metre and above. Now we have included plots having 500 square metre area and above,” Mishra said.

Keeping in mind water conservation, last month during Delhi budget, finance minister Manish Sisodia had announced a comprehensive rainwater harvesting scheme, water-bodies revival policy and summer action plan.”


It made me very happy.  A journey, after all, always begins with a few steps.