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My Periwinkles – 2020

Every summer, masses of colorful periwinkles spring up on their own in my terrace flower pots, like unwanted weeds.

My job as a corporate professional never allowed me to give them much attention earlier. Sometimes they dried up when it became too hot and no one in my family remembered to water them. But as soon as a few rain drops fell on them, they bloomed again. They were somehow always around, ever smiling, irrespective of whichever mood I was in.

But these days, thanks to lockdown, I find myself spending a lot of time with them and they have made me fall in love with them all over again!

Not only are they least demanding, they are also the most inspiring flowers in these Corona times. They don’t need any compost or fertilizers and they manage to bloom even under slabs of concrete and a mass of thorny cactus!

I feel amply rewarded after watering them when the water drops on their dark green leaves and gorgeous flowers glisten under the summer sun, which is still unusually gentle this year in May in Delhi in comparison to previous years. They look so ravishing!

And when the twilight approaches, the flowers sway gently to the soothing touch of the evening breeze…

Oh, how I wish this could go on forever!

Here are some pics of those courageous, lovely flowers.