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A Painful Distinction

It was a hot, steamy day in Noida, a developing city of Delhi NCR. The rains had taken a break and the sun glared at the whole world through a clear, blue sky. The beggars, their monkeys, and a baby monkey sat expectantly on a path literally strewn with slippery mud, stones, and broken tiles. It was a very sorry sight. Quite embarrassing too, making the distinction between the haves and have-nots far too clear and painful.

While the huge buildings with their swanky glass exteriors and plush air-conditioned interiors cast their impassive shadows across this sad landscape, the beggars kept on crying themselves hoarse.  It was obvious that CSR (corporate social responsibility) is just a theoretical concept for these companies located just a few yards away.

The office goers rushed past the beggars without giving them a second thought.  They were more worried about fingering their office attendance machines in time because late arrivals always imply loss of earnings that could have been spent on toys for their kids, medicines for their old parents, gifts for their wives and girl-friends, etc, etc.

Just like the beggars, the attendance machines were also greedily waiting for their share of pennies from the daily earnings of the hapless office workers…

Here are some pics…

Aqua Y2 Ultra_20160719_083225.jpg

Aqua Y2 Ultra_20160719_083303.jpg

Love without Chains…



Photo courtesy: Suroshri Chatterjee

The year 2016 will perhaps remain etched in memory as the first exceptionally mild winter in Delhi. The stray dogs in my locality, however, have one more ‘first’ to feel warm and cheerful about. An enthusiastic dog-lover has, for the first time, taken a very good initiative and covered their backs with stylish and colourful jackets. If only we could do something similar for all those helpless people all over the world…

When I saw one of these dogs for the first time, the first thought that came to my mind was that perhaps he was a pet dog who had jumped the fence and didn’t give a damn about the comforts of his owner’s house. But when I took a closer look, I noticed that he didn’t have a leash around his neck. So, obviously, he was a free dog. Here are some more pics. .