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God Of Small Things

Here is the link to my latest poem on Poemhunter.com


It was inspired from the works of the popular writer/blogger Mayank Austen Soofi.

The photo you see here of me with Mayank Austen Soofi was clicked in December 2014 outside my office…

A Memorable Evening

On 3 October 2017, I had the honor of having my favorite writer-author-blogger-photographer over for tea at my home…It was a proud moment for me that evening as I introduced this much-accomplished author to my family.

See this pic below…With him scrolling down in my phone through some of my recent poems…

An Amaltas Day

My walk to the Metro station on my way to work on 23 May 2017 had something new and exciting in store for me; an Amaltas tree; a tree that Mayank Austen Soofi, my favorite writer and blogger, often writes about. I considered it my great fortune that day to have discovered one right inside my neighborhood!

It looked so gorgeous with its abundant golden yellow flowers in full bloom! A mere sight of it lifted me from the pall of gloom that had been over me for the past so many days. I could not help stopping by for a few moments to feast my eyes on this ravishing sight. Just below the tree, there was a yellow carpet formed by the fallen Amaltas flowers. I had a strong temptation to cross the fence and sit on it…

Just in case you are wondering if I reached office on time that day, well, yes, I did, quite miraculously indeed, in spite of so many obstacles, a stuck metro,  a traffic jam, and aafreshly water logged road right outside the office building.

Here are some pics I clicked during those guilty moments near the Amaltas tree…