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Sorry, Babu!

Photos source: Google

Article by Jasbir Chatterjee

Sushant Singh Rajput, a 34-year-old Bollywood actor, died on 14 June 2020 under mysterious circumstances.

According to his flatmates, they found him hanging from his bedroom’s ceiling fan by his green kurta.

The Mumbai police hastily declared the cause of death as suicide and arranged a quick postmortem to drive the whole world to this conclusion. They probably thought that this drama would end a few days later. So many Bollywood actors and actresses have died in a similar manner before him. After the initial shock, things just settled down and everything went on as before.

But not this time. A Pandora’s box has burst open. The media channels have taken it up on topmost priority.

SSR’s shocked family and fans refuse to believe that he killed himself because of depression. They want to hold someone responsible for his death. Their common cry is, “Justice For SSR.”

During his lifetime, for Bollywood-illiterates like me, SSR might very well have been an office colleague, a neighbour, or a facebook acquaintance.

But as soon as news of his death spread far and wide, speculation refused to die. His family holds his girlfriend Rhea and her family responsible for his death. They believe that they drugged him without his knowledge and siphoned his money into their own accounts.

Sushant and Rhea

They’ve all got us so badly hooked now that we eagerly lap up everything about SSR that appears on the Internet.

Apart from the murder-or-suicide question, drugs and money laundering aspects have also got added to it.

Multiple agencies like CBI, ED, and NCB are busy these days in interrogating all the persons concerned and collecting hard, irrefutable evidence to catch hold of the criminals.

According to CBI, they still haven’t found anything to indicate that SSR didn’t commit suicide.

Well, irrespective of the outcome, one thing is quite clear. SSR chose bad company. He smoked, drank, took hard drugs, and fell for sex baits. He just couldn’t handle the ups and downs of the glitzy profession he chose.

But a talented genius like him deserved to live long. For humanity’s sake, at least.

Rest in peace, SSR. We hope justice is done soon.

Till then, like Rhea over his dead body, all we can say is, “Sorry, Babu.”

A Photo-story On Brexit

Recently, a foolish pigeon king borrowed the human concept of territorial integrity and tried to implement it among his fellow pigeons. But before turning it into a law, a discussion with the Elders was necessary.

Meeting on Brexit -Stay or leave


The meeting soon turned into a violent fight and Police had to be called.


One of the first people to lose their lives was Jo Cox.


The matter is on hold at present. Let’s see what the future brings…