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A Haiku Of Joy

On 26 March 2019, my name appeared in a newspaper for the third time, thanks to Mayank Austen Soofi! See the pic above.

I was completely swept off my feet when I saw the Delhiwala column of the Hindustan Times that day!

While sharing the news with my friends and well-wishers, I surprised myself by using a combination of words that was actually a Haiku!

This was what I wrote.

“My youngest poem Yellow Semals

Flew out of its nest today.

It’s in Hindustan Times, Delhi, today.”

I call this a Haiku of Joy….

A Leprechaun

On the night of 14 February 2019, after reaching home from work, I felt something crawling on my neck. I quickly brushed it aside and it landed on the dressing table. I was startled to find that it was not an ordinary moth, but a gold-colored beetle, something I had never ever seen all my life! Where it had come from, I had no idea. I watched it with wide-eyed wonder as it crawled upwards slowly in a leisurely manner…I quickly grabbed my phone and clicked its photos.

People say when such things happen, you should make three wishes. They are always granted.

You might wonder why someone with a postgraduate degree in Mathematics believes in these kinds of superstitions. Well, as you grow older, you realize that a lot of things defy logic and only love, faith, willpower, and positive thinking can make things happen the way you want them to.

I was, of course, too shell-shocked at that time to think of anything else. Today as I look at this pic again, I make those three wishes.

1. I hope and pray that my daughter Suroshri grows up to be a successful, happy, and wonderful human being.

2. My husband Sukhangshu becomes what he deserves to be, a famous Actor.

3. On the same day that this beetle crawled into my life, 40 Indian soldiers lost their lives in Pulwama in a suicide terror attack. Many innocent lives continue to be lost in terror attacks and wars. I wish and pray that violence, wars, and terrorism end and don’t exist even in a dictionary.


And now, my Dear Reader, here is something special for you and your loved ones. Watch this video and make those 3 wishes that you think will give joy to your loved ones and the world around you. Who knows, they might come true, like it did for me!

N.B: As per Google, the Golden Beetle is a native of the Americas. It is not known how this particular one reached India. Something to do with Donald Trump and reverse migration perhaps!☺️

Living In The Present






My poem ‘Living in the Present’ that I uploaded today on Poemhunter.com was inspired from the pics you see here.

Here is the link.





Changing Wardrobes



My latest poem “Changing Wardrobes” is now on Poemhunter.com. It was inspired from my photos in the collage you see on the top. Click here and read on.


I look forward to reading your comments.

Lonely, Homesick Bees…


 While dusting my balcony walls and corners yesterday at home on a leisurely Sunday, 16Apr.17, I found this pair of bees gnawing at a little piece of a honeycomb…

I found this rather strange because I have always seen bees as ferocious invaders, suddenly taking over a corner of your house as one big unit and building a huge honeycomb within a few minutes of arrival. To avoid landing in hospital with a million bee stings all over you, you need to call in specially skilled people to take them away.

By evening that day, however, the bees were gone and their old, wornout hive, fell on the ground, its size unchanged…


Why were those 2 bees behaving as loners? I can’t say really. Perhaps it is better to leave it at that and accept it as one of those mysteries of Mother Nature that you can never quite understand…