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Amaltas Pleasures, Delhi, May 2020

On 14 May 2020, the weather Gods gave us Delhiites a big surprise. We got thunderstorm with hailstones, bringing the temperature back to below normal.

Next morning, I was amazed to see yellow Amaltas flowers and their leaves all over my house. They made such a cute picture! See below.

When I spotted the same yellow flowers atop a tree near the adjoining building from my terrace, I knew where they had come from. That was how this lovely Amaltas tree made me aware of its existence and won my heart completely.

Here is the terrace view pic.

My last few years of busy working life left little time for me to explore the parks near my home; which proves that certain things we hanker for so much and go out of our way to grab are often right here within our reach. All you need to do is slow down, which is what our present lockdown has compelled us to do.

In the evening, I went along with my daughter Suroshri to take a closer look at the tree. I wore my party wear sandals and a yellow top to put myself in a festive mood, for it is best to do today what tomorrow may not allow in these uncertain corona times….

The tree looked absolutely gorgeous. Its yellow head stood out in the blue sky above. The yellow flowers were all over the place; on the bench, inside the park, and on the ground nearby, forming a carpet.

For several minutes, we stood near the tree in complete silence, drinking in its golden beauty and the wonderful overall ambience it had created in the park.

And then there was a slight breeze and the tree quietly showered us with its yellow blossoms. It was a magical moment indeed. Something Mayank Austen Soofi, Delhi’s popular writer, would have loved to witness.

Just before we left, we were joined by Burfi, one of the street dogs whom Suroshri has befriended. Here are the pics.

Our magical moments

One Happy Lockdown morning, April 2020

These days, with everyone cooped up inside homes, terraces have become the most happening places.

I am having a great time now clicking pictures of all those things I never had time to watch closely; birds drinking water, Adeniums blooming, peacocks scurrying around… wow!

Google photos gave me a pleasant surprise recently by sending me an easily shareable short movie made from some of these pics. The movie has a soothing feel and that’s so important in these uncertain Corona times.

Click here and watch it.

In conservative countries like Iran, where women are not allowed to sing or play music in public, terraces have turned into stages where artists get the chance to perform live without any fear. Isn’t that wonderful? Well, every cloud has a silver lining.

Blooming Hours

Like humans, there are many flowers which have fixed working hours. They fold their petals as soon as the sunlight disappears.

Isn’t that cute? A special effect that only Mother Nature can achieve…

See these pics below. I came across these lovely flowers while attending a training session at my new job…

In the morning…😍

In the evening…Shut for the day…Time to go home…


We humans, unfortunately, can’t always lead lives like these flowers here. Sometimes we go against Mother Nature; bloom at night under moonlight and sleep during the day while the sun is out…😔

Trees…Sometimes Worshipped, Sometimes Used

Trees are an intrinsic part of our lives. But because of rapid urbanization, a lot of them have been eliminated mercilessly without ensuring their immediate relocation or replacement.

Wherever they exist, especially those with thick trunks and huge canopies, their treatment is generally in two extremes, either worshipped with stings attached or manhandled. Rarely ever are they left alone in peace, free to grow and breathe in full freedom, the way all trees ought to be treated…

Given below are pics of three trees; a used one; a heavily worshipped one with a concrete fence around it; and a free, unfettered tree, a very lucky guy indeed, growing somewhere on the NH8 Delhi-Jaipur Highway…Look at them closely and feel the effect each one of them has on your senses…

Today, on 15 August 2019, as we celebrate our Independence Day, let us free all living things, not just humans, and let them live only for the bliss of living…