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Amaltas Pleasures, Delhi, May 2020

On 14 May 2020, the weather Gods gave us Delhiites a big surprise. We got thunderstorm with hailstones, bringing the temperature back to below normal.

Next morning, I was amazed to see yellow Amaltas flowers and their leaves all over my house. They made such a cute picture! See below.

When I spotted the same yellow flowers atop a tree near the adjoining building from my terrace, I knew where they had come from. That was how this lovely Amaltas tree made me aware of its existence and won my heart completely.

Here is the terrace view pic.

My last few years of busy working life left little time for me to explore the parks near my home; which proves that certain things we hanker for so much and go out of our way to grab are often right here within our reach. All you need to do is slow down, which is what our present lockdown has compelled us to do.

In the evening, I went along with my daughter Suroshri to take a closer look at the tree. I wore my party wear sandals and a yellow top to put myself in a festive mood, for it is best to do today what tomorrow may not allow in these uncertain corona times….

The tree looked absolutely gorgeous. Its yellow head stood out in the blue sky above. The yellow flowers were all over the place; on the bench, inside the park, and on the ground nearby, forming a carpet.

For several minutes, we stood near the tree in complete silence, drinking in its golden beauty and the wonderful overall ambience it had created in the park.

And then there was a slight breeze and the tree quietly showered us with its yellow blossoms. It was a magical moment indeed. Something Mayank Austen Soofi, Delhi’s popular writer, would have loved to witness.

Just before we left, we were joined by Burfi, one of the street dogs whom Suroshri has befriended. Here are the pics.

Our magical moments

One Sunny Day

A few days ago, I had written about a few puppies whom I hoped to see again in better circumstances. See link below.


Well, yesterday, on 19 January 2020, I finally got the chance to see them again. Their puzzled Dad, a stray dog, watched as I clicked their pics. See them below.

This only proves that like humans, some dogs are luckier and get all those things in life that one can only dream about.

Thank You, Ms. Jindal

Sleep, blissfull sleep, sleep…

This cute love seat here gives credit for its existence to an elected government representative Ms. Sarita Jindal. That’s what the inscription written in Hindi on the bench indicates.

Well, elections are going to happen in Delhi soon and this is probably just a promotional stunt…But that’s how it should be in a democracy, isn’t it?

Candidates should focus on development rather than trivial issues like religion and caste which have no place in a secular, diverse country like India. Only then can we sleep blissfully like this dog…

Well, God knows where CAA and NRC, which discriminate on the basis of religion, will take us to…😔☹ī¸đŸ˜ļ