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Old Toys, A Poem

When children grow older, Their toys hang around
As old memories.
And we as parents
Look at them wistfully, recalling all those
Soiled nappies,
Tearful visits
To pediatricians,
Struggles through creches,
Schools and PTMs.
Phew! So many challenges,
And of course, the happy days that finally brought us
Here today.
Well, who knows,
The toys may just
Get reclaimed again…

This poem is now in poemhunter.com, see URL below.


Stones And Flowers

Nothing can be as fickle, treacherous

As Life.

Love it or hate it,

Take it or leave it,

Life will remain life.

Sometimes it hurls stones

On your path,

And sometimes it throws

Flowers on your feet.

But you just have to keep plodding on.

Because flowers and stones are but

Passing illusions.

As ephemeral as the fog,

As short-lived as the images of a kaleidoscope.

A Prayer In Vain

With a bent head,

And a humble soul,

I pray to thee,

Oh, God Almighty,

Please let me be,

If only for a little while more,

Stop me

From joining the dead leaves,

The relentless,


Cycle of life and death…

Copyright: Jasbir Chatterjee