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A Kite String Accident

On 17 October 2020, I went to my terrace in the morning as usual. I had no idea of what awaited me.

As soon as I opened the door, my gaze fell on a pigeon whose head was pointing upwards and its body touching the wall. I wondered why it wasn’t flying away. When I went closer, I was horrified to find a part of a kite string sticking out of its neck. There was a little patch of dried blood below it. Here is the pic.

The hapless bird had obviously met with an accident from a kite string hanging about on the roof. Its throat was slit and it was dead. Nothing could be done.

I told my husband Sukhangshu about it and asked him to make sure that the garbage picker takes it away. It was a working day and I had to go to office.

In the afternoon, Sukhangshu, a professional actor, called to say that he was going to a recording studio. He would return at night.

“What about the pigeon?” I asked.

“Neither the garbage picker nor the MCD van came. It is still inside the bin, covered in a polythene bag.”

Burying the bird somewhere was out of question, since we live on the second floor. We now had a dead body in our house, I thought wryly.

My troubled conscience kept on tormenting me all through the day. I just couldn’t focus on my work in the office.

Next morning, a Sunday, my weekly off, I found the garbage bin turned upside down. The pigeon had disappeared. Its blue-grey wings and feathers were strewn in one corner of my balcony.

A stray cat was descending the staircase with silent steps…