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Chinese Oranges

About 5 years ago, our gardener Ram Kishore brought for us a new potted plant. We accepted it nonchallantly, without any enthusiasm, just like so many other cactus plants he had planted in our terrace garden earlier.

A few months later, little green fruits began appearing on it in great abundance. When they started ripening and changing to golden orange, I sighed and wished they were real oranges. I thought they were poisonous and their only purpose of existence was to add glamour to our balcony.

One day Ram Kishore overheard me when I mentioned this to my husband and he said, “Didi, these are Chinese oranges. They look like oranges, but they are sour like lemons. Why don’t you make a pickle out of them? You will like it. I am quite sure.”

I was pleasantly surprised and I replied, ” Alright, let me see.”

A couple of days later, when I had gathered about 200g of these fruits, I made a simple version on a tentative basis with just salt, black salt, ajwain, and black pepper. It turned out to be very good and the best part of it was that these mini oranges were fresh, straight off a plant, as in a farm house. For a landless city dweller like me, this is indeed a very exciting thing!

Here is the recipe along with the pics. 

1. Wash the oranges well and allow them to dry in a sieve.

2.Remove the seeds and keep them in a ceramic or glass jar.

3. Add salt as per taste.

2. Add coarsely ground black pepper.

3. Add some black salt and ajwain.

4. Close the lid and shake it vigorously to let the spices mix properly with the sliced oranges.

5. Keep it in the sun for 2-3 days. In case of cloudy weather, you may keep it inside and shake up the container a bit everyday. 

6. The pickle is now ready. Enjoy! Happy pickling!