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On The Fringe Of Humanity…

What’s wrong with this man with his shoes taken off in a Metro train? Well, not much, on first look.

He appears to be just one of those overworked, ordinary middle-class employees of a private sector organization. This was what I thought too.

But as soon as I settled down on a seat opposite to him, I noticed that he was talking very loudly to himself. I thought he was praying or perhaps he was speaking to someone through a Bluetooth device.

It soon became clear to me, however that he was doing none of these and he had a serious mental problem. He was ranting and cursing everyone, his family, friends, everyone he knew, this country, and even God! Over and over, he kept repeating the same lines which overflowed with venom and hatred for everything in life. He kept saying that he hoped this world ends soon in a nuclear blast and he gets to die like a dog with his body torn into shreds! Even God would want to commit suicide, he kept reiterating. Once in a while, he bent downwards to scratch his toes protruding through his torn socks.

I was horrified and I wondered how people sitting next to him managed to ignore him. See below.

His clothes were clean and well-ironed and he seemed to be from a good family. His choice of words indicated that he was well-educated and read newspapers regularly. What were those circumstances that unhinged him to such a great extent? I could not gather this from what he was saying.

I pitied him, but I could not do anything about it. Unable to put up with him any longer, I moved to another seat far away from him.

But it was clearer to me now what kind of people hurl themselves on the Metro rail tracks.

Delhi Metro, I hope you are reading this. Please keep a close eye on this man and if ever required, save him from himself…

I Beg to Differ

We are all victims of our circumstances. But not everyone understands this. That’s why when people think and act differently, they end up being ridiculed and persecuted. People become different¬†because Nature subjects them to extraordinary challenges and forces them to be what they are. We are all God’s children.Let’s allow everyone to breathe freely.

Take a look at these aberrations and tell me what you think.

  1. Tree growing from a house.


2. Show-stopper at a bus-stop, playing strange antics.


3. The small video below is of an apparently psychiatric case. This man doesn’t speak to anyone and is usually found near temples. He doesn’t stay still and rotates twice after every 3 steps. From his clothes, he seems to be from a nice family who takes good care of him.


4.  The LGBTQ community.