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A Good Government

Sometimes your own blog post can act as a source of inspiration for a poem.

I discovered this recently when I found myself developing a poem ‘A Good Government’ from the first paragraph of my article ‘Feeling Safe.’

URL: https://jasbirchatterjeephotoblog.wordpress.com/2018/01/07/feeling-safe/

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Feeling Safe…

A good government always works like a good mother; quietly, sincerely, honestly, unobtrusively without making too much fuss. It hovers around its citizens like a protective, benevolent spirit and you see evidence of its love and care in nice little things happening around you…

A few days ago, I noticed small pits dug up all through our community park in AG-1, Vikaspuri. I wondered what they were up to.

A couple of days later, while walking through the park one morning on my way to work, I was pleasantly surprised by little poles jutting out of these pits, each holding a little lamp. That night, on my way home, I found the park immersed in bright, fluorescent light. There were no longer any dark, unlit corners…

Our park now feels safer…Hopefully, this will change the perception of Delhi as the ‘Crime City.’

See the pics below.

In the morning…

At night…

A Cocoon of Safety

Where else can a woman in Delhi roll up her sari and expose her thighs and cleavage without being stared at other than the Delhi Metro’s ladies’ compartment? See these pics…




mini skirts.png



Modern Scarecrows


(This poster declares in Hindi, “Beware! You are under scrutiny by a camera…)

While our national army basks in the glory of their recent ‘surgical strikes’ on the terrorist camps in Pakistan, a foreign country, our local Police allows petty criminals to go scot free. Crimes like pick-pocketing and snatching of handbags, jewellery, and electronic items such as mobile phones and laptops are considered far too trivial, not even worth the paper used to print their FIRs on! You need to be murdered or raped or both to be taken seriously by the police and still no action is taken against the criminals till the Media raises its voice.

On 9 October 2016, my black purse was snatched away by a woman in a Durga Puja Pandal. I informed the Police immediately. While I described the incident to their senior officer, the junior constables smiled gleefully and said, “Madam, you were well aware that you were in a public gathering where all kinds of people come. You should have been careful. The CCTV cameras we have got here are all fitted outside, not inside where the crime happened. So we can’t do anything about this.”

I received a copy of the FIR through email the next day. Two days later, I submitted to them my mobile phone’s IMEI number. But nothing happened after that, so I had no option left but to just dismiss it from my mind as a bad dream and move on.

To be fair to the Police, obtaining an FIR is now no longer a painful exercise that it used to be in the past. But their efficiency, I am sorry to say, appears to be on paper only. Everything else is as it was and continues to be, inefficient and corrupt.

Dear Prime Minister, Chief Minister, MLAs, Ministers, Delhi Government, and everyone else concerned, are you listening? What are those CCTV cameras meant for? To act as mere scarecrows?