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Guru-Shishya Parampara



This pic appears to be a portrait of elderly poise, doesn’t it? What else does it make you think about? 

Well, it made me think about our Guru-Shishya parampara, our long-standing tradition in which knowledge is imparted by a highly learned teacher (Guru) to a pupil (Shishya). This tradition is part of our ancient cultural heritage. 

In the current scenario of online and distance learning systems, I still believe that the best way to gain knowledge or a skill that requires a long training period is always through actual interaction with a Guru who is competent and commands respect. The shishyas too need to be receptive, humble, and obedient towards their Guru. 

Even Eklavya, a self-taught warrior in our ancient Mahabharata, would not have acquired the superlative level of skills comparable to Arjuna’s if he hadn’t taken Pandavas’ guru Dronacharya as his guru.

Eklavya’s story, unfortunately, had a tragic ending, but that’a different matter altogether…A matter of destiny, I guess, not his fault…

Krishna Jhoola

Jhoola is a Hindi word meaning swing…


This pic was clicked some time after 25 August 2016 during Janamashtami (Lord Krishna’s Birthday) celebration at a temple close to my home. Swinging this swing to and fro gives me a very heady feeling of actually playing with Baby Krishna. It makes me feel divine. This is, I think, the best part of Janamashtmi, a day when we ought to plan ahead for making this nation a better place for all children, especially those who are homeless, malnourished, poor, with abusive parents, and no access to education…