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The Great, Majestic Sun

When the Sun emerges,
Through the clouds
In all its splendor,
Everything else
Pales into insignificance…
Deeply humbled, awestruck,
I bow to you today,
The ubiquitous,
All-seeing, powerful,
Divine, beautiful,
God Almighty…

A revised version of this poem, A Homage To God Almighty, is now on Poemhunter.com.



Sunset @ A Junction

At Uttam Nagar Traffic Light, West Delhi, India…

For one moment, the traffic stood still. The Metro rails paused to catch their breath and the pedestrians scurried about. But the Sun continued, relentlessly, its daily parade with great fanfare in its lovely orange attire…


One Happy, Peaceful Day…


Mom & Dad…(photo clicked on a relaxed Sunday, 17 Jan.16)

Every time I look at this pic of my parents, my heart sends a grateful prayer to God  for letting us survive through so many storms and live to witness this wonderful day of peace, joy, and contentment, far away from cyclones, drought, war, and terrorists….