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Dead Or Still Alive?



Such sights are quite common in Delhi. People come from all over India to the nation’s capital with a dream for a better future. Not all succeed and this is how many end up…

But callous and hardened as we all are, we just turn away our faces and keep on moving with sorrows of our own, praying that we also don’t end up like this one day…

Jasbir Chatterjee

Tooth Ache


The sun had set and an all-pervasive inky blackness had descended over Delhi. Vehicles inched through the chaotic traffic, their headlamps piercing the darkness with their bright yellow-orange lights. My toothache kept getting worse with every passing minute. Waves of shooting pain passed through my ears, head, and eyes. I was beginning to feel weak and helpless. I thought I was going to faint and I wanted to just stop for a while and cry.

As I began crossing the road, my gaze fell on 2 men. They were spreading their bedding rolls on the pavement, getting ready for a long night;  a night that could well be their last. Did they have dinner? There was no one to ask them this question. Surely, their pain and sorrow were much greater than mine, I told myself. My tears dried up instantly and I kept walking.

My feet propelled me to a dentist’s clinic…

Some more pics…