Rules Of Nature

I recently planted two Lobia seeds into a flower pot lying idle in my balcony. I got a pleasant surprise a few days later when two tiny green plants raised their heads through the brown soil. I wasn’t sure whether they would survive.

Well, not only did they survive, they turned into two individuals with distinct personalities of their own. I have named them Mukesh and Anil.

When the cool drops of rain fall on their big, green leaves, they remain erect and continue to stand proudly with their heads held high .

While Mukesh, the one on the left in the above pic, continues to spread aggressively, sprouting more and more stems and leaves, Anil is more focused on producing flowers which will subsequently drop and give birth to more lobia beans.

Mukesh probably has a long term plan and may even suffocate Anil to death while Anil is only concentrating on the present and trying to do its best under the peculiar circumstances it is caught in. Anil faces a threat from the ants too. They have already started nibbling its flowers.

Which approach is better and who will be more successful? Death is inevitable, but who will go first? Only time will tell…

Copyright: Jasbir Chatterjee

Uttam Nagar East Metro Station

One special thing about Delhi Metro stations is that each one of them has an individuality and a special character of its own.

Take Uttam Nagar East Metro station, for instance. Right behind the huge iron grill on one side, there is a huge Semal tree which gets filled up with huge red flowers during the period February – April. It looks like a Flamenco dancer wearing red flowers in its hair, just about to break into a joyous dance.

As you move towards the platform on an escalator, the mesmerizing beauty of those gorgeous flowers and the pigeons peeping through the iron grill suddenly explodes into your senses. You feel great; your nerves tingle with excitement, ready to take on another grueling day at work with a cheerful smile playing on your lips.

Before you jump to any wrong conclusions, let me hasten to add that Uttam Nagar is a very densely populated place and not counted among the swanky areas of Delhi like Chanakyapuri or  Lodhi Road. Construction activity seems to be on endlessly over here throughout the year. But this amazing tree and its sensuous, passionate, voluptous flowers compel you to ignore this fact for a few moments and fill you with hope that like this metro station, the Semal tree, its miraculous flowers, the malls and huge retail outlets outside, this area will soon get lots of other good things too in future.

Here is the pic of those lovely flowers…


Here’s one more pic clicked in 2015 on Valentine’s Day (14th February).



An Exception

For every rule, there’s an exception and for every nonconformist exception, there’s a rule. So, mathematically speaking, if I remember correctly from my M.Sc. (Maths) days, you may conclude that rules and exceptions have “one-to-one” relationships.

Here is an amazing example: a green grape growing on a bunch of black grapes. Strange, isn’t it? This is a recent pic…










Dhool Ka Phool

This pic reminded me of an old Hindi film made in 1959, “Dhool Ka Phool,” starring Rajender Kumar, Mala Sinha, Nanda, Ashok Kumar, Jeevan, and Leela Chitnis…The title ‘Dhool Ka Phool’ means the downtrodden flower. The film revolves around 3 main ideas, viz.,a woman’s status in the Indian society, illegitimacy, and secularism.

Thankfully, a lot of things have changed since then. In urban India, at least. With more and more women focused on building strong careers and being able to take care of themselves, single motherhood is no longer such a taboo thing. Being a single parent is not easy and a bit unnatural, but it’s a matter of choice, just like live-in relationships. 

I am personally against pre-marital sex and live-in relationships and I strongly believe that the best environment for a child is one in which the parents are married and care for each other and their kids. 

But I also feel that in a democratic country individuals ought to have enough freedom to be able to live peacefully the way they want to without being harassed. 

In case an unmarried woman becomes pregnant and she doesn’t want the baby, she should be allowed to abort it and get on with her life. If abortion is not possible, she still deserves all the support she needs from her family and society.

For the sake of humanity, we just can’t be judgemental because we are all victims of our circumstances and individual destinies. Why should an innocent child be labelled as illegitimate and punished for being born out of wedlock? A child is a child is a child. That’s it. Plain and simple. A representative of God.