Being pink, healthy, and happy

Healthy, pink all over, Ma’s blessings, and bhog…that’s when Durga Puja feels complete and everything seems right with your world…Here’s Jayita Acharyya, an aspiring dancer and one of the three hansi-hansi mookh (ever smiling and inspiring face) prize winners of Timarpur Durga puja 2021.

Divine Offerings

Pushpanjali petals

Every festival in India has a distinct image associated with it. The way we celebrate it also keeps changing in keeping with the changing times. The photo on top is from Durga Puja 2021 at Timarpur, just before the petals were offered at the feet of Ma Durga…

The Marigold petals used during pushpanjali (morning prayers) this time were of light yellow color. Don’t they look cute?

Despite the Covid restrictions, masks and all, we managed to create some memorable moments worth cherishing.

The fact that we have lived through so much already is, by itself, something great.

Here’s another pic.

Floor Decoration during Durga Puja 2021

And now, here’s me in a matching sari on Navami, 2nd last day of Durga Puja.

Me in a matching yellow sari

Foggy loveā€¦A poem

Lovers in fog

Everyday Google sends me some of my old pics as “memories.” A poem began brewing in my mind when I saw this one. Here it is now..

It’s foggy everywhere.
There’s fear and fog in my mind too.
Dad said,
“Don’t roam around.
Bad men are out everywhere.”
Is this right?
Is this wrong?
I don’t know.
Soon this will end.
Come on now.
Kiss me.
Something I’ll remember forever.

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