Cauliflower And Sweet Corn Bhurji

Have you ever tried to cook cauliflower and boiled sweet corn together?

Well, I did. Last week. For the first time in my life. And this time, the recipe created itself. May God bless Necessity!

I had a small cauliflower piece lying in the fridge along with some boiled sweet corn. That was all I had and I had to cook something. There was no other alternative.

I decided to make cauliflower bhurji for lunch that day. To add volume to it, since cauliflower by itself would have been insufficient, I grated the boiled sweet corn cobs as well and added it to the bhurji. The result turned out to be amazingly delicious.

Everything happened in a few minutes and it looked as if I spent hours in making it!

Here are the step-by-step pics.

1. In a karachi, add 2 tablespoonfuls of oil. Once it becomes hot, add 2 teaspoons of whole coriander seeds. Then add grated cauliflower and sweet corn cobs.

2. Stir.

3. Add a pinch of turmeric, salt and chilli powder as per taste.

4. Keep stirring occasionally till the grated vegetables become tender. Add some amchur as per taste. Once ready, shift from Karachi to another container. Enjoy!☺️


The Magenta Line, Part 2


metro pic 2


metro pic 6

Now that the excitement over travelling in brand new trains with brightly colored seats and polished floors hurtling through cool, ultra-modern stations has cooled down, everyone is now back to discussing practicalities. How much time is saved, actual travelling time, transit time during transfer to another track, time wasted in walking through the station’s passages and traversing through the steep escalators with some of them nonfunctional at times, etc, etc.

Well, if you come to think of it, the connecting passages between the Magenta Line and other lines really do seem to be inordinately long, both at Kalkaji Mandir and at Hauz Khas. The time saved in covering shorter journeys gets wasted in walking through these long passages.

metro pic 3

For regular office goers, senior citizens, school kids, and differently abled people, the long transit time is a very strong deterrent and prevents many like me from using this route more often. That’s why I still use the old route on my way back from office as I feel too tired to get up and shift to another train.

And then, in the end, at Janakpuri West, while you walk towards Vikaspuri on the dimly lit road at night, one more obstacle awaits you; a big bunch of gypsies including women and children, huddled on the road, leading their unfortunate lives in the open. With overhead cables dangling around them, all of them appear to be in various stages of rest and unrest. It is not advisable to stare at them while they cook, eat, sleep in drunken oblivion, and hurl abuses at each other. But it is impossible to not steal a furtive glance at them from the corner of your eyes and you feel like you’re walking by a huge bunch of black deadly snakes that may suddenly pounce on you.

metro pic 4


metro pic 5

Anyway, life goes on… You just have to trust God and keep moving as usual.

The Magenta Line

Delhi Metro is one of the many things that we Dilliwalahs are absolutely proud of. It has given us so much to be grateful for. Our hopes, dreams, and aspirations revolve around it and each time, a new track is added, it helps us breathe easier and adds to our confidence and trust in our nation as common citizens.

Way back in 1997, when I travelled around in the U.S. during a company-sponsored training program, I never imagined in my wildest of dreams that one day those air-conditioned trains and gleaming marble floors of a Metro station would exist in my own country too.

On 29 May 2018, at 6 AM, Delhi Metro’s much-talked-about Magenta Line from Janakpuri West to Haus Khas was thrown open to public. People like me from this part of Delhi who used to catch the Yellow line to their offices in Gurgaon from Rajiv Chowk earlier can now catch it from Hauz Khas, with travelling time reduced to half.

I took my debut ride in the Magenta Line on the following day on 30th as 29th was my day off. The station premises had swanky, cool interiors with marble floors all through, a far improved version of metro stations built earlier. Being new, the floor was still very slippery. I was glad that I chose flat black shoes over heeled ones. All the Magenta line indicators had magenta patches on them. The marigold flowers and mango leaves draped all over the place during inauguration on the previous day still looked happily fresh.

It took me three long, steep escalator rides deep into the earth’s belly to reach the platform. It has been said that they are India’s longest.

People stood in orderly queues and quietly moved into the train once it arrived. That was another pleasant change from what one normally encounters at Rajiv Chowk Metro station.

Here are some pics clicked during the excitement of my first ride in the Mageta Line.

Leading And Preaching

What’s wrong with this pic? Nothing. I can already imagine you rolling your eyes upwards and saying this. But through an insider’s eyes, a lot.

Here are your clues. This photo is of a car workshop’s routine morning meeting with technicians, managers, and various support staff. The meeting is at the last stage where the technical staff routinely participate in a physical fitness exercise; which is a very good thing indeed.

The guy in the center, however, the one in jeans and sports shoes, contrary to what you might think, is not a physical fitness instructor but the Workshop’s General Manager.

Just before the exercises began, he gave a long speech on customer delight, proper grooming, and importance of coming to work in formal, clean uniform.

While customers glared, puffed and fumed angrily at the vacant reception, as everyone was stuck in this meeting, this man refused to let go and rambled on for a precious half an hour, talking about things that could have been discussed later in some other forum.

Well, now you get it, I am sure.

Leaders often forget that it is not enough to point fingers at your errant subordinates. You need to lead through personal example; follow what you preach…Which is easier said than done.

Unfortunate, but true.

Blessings of Nature





When you live in a big city like Delhi in a small flat, any edible thing that emerges from soil inside your house gives you a big thrill…

When white brinjals began appearing on a potted plant in my balcony, I was absolutely amazed as I had almost given up on it. Year after year, new flowers kept appearing, falling, and getting replaced by new ones, but the flowers just did not turn into any fruits, like one of those perpetually unlucky kids whom Success treats like outcasts.

I didn’t have the heart to pluck these bringals, so I let them be. Now they are ripening and their color has changed into a bright, attractive yellow. See below.



Their continued, tenacious presence in my balcony has a reassuring effect on me every morning while I water all the potted plants.

I know it’s like holding on to something that I know will collapse one day. But that’s what life is all about, isn’t it?

And here are some pics of a few other edibles that I plucked.


Green peppers and beans

Happy Mother’s Day

On 12 May 2018, I was in for a big surprise….

I found 2 cardboard boxes in the kitchen when I reached home at night after work. My daughter Nanni (Nanni is her pet name) said, “Mom, these are for you, in advance. Happy Mother’s Day!

I was really touched. After I reach home, I feel so hungry and tired that I just don’t feel like cooking at all.

While we hugged each other, I realized how well she understood me and I silently thanked God for giving me a daughter as wonderful as Nanni. I quickly changed into my night suit and in the meantime Nanni laid out my treat for me on the table. See the pic above. Doesn’t it look gorgeous?

As if this wasn’t enough, she gave me one more gift and this time I had no words to express my joy…

She said, “Mom, just check my WhatsApp status. There is something special for you.”

I was a bit worried because when a grown up daughter says such things, you don’t really know what to expect.

I tried to postpone the shock for a while.

“My hands are greasy. Let me wash my hands first.”

A few minutes later, with trembling fingers, I picked up the phone and opened WhatsApp. But I didn’t find anything new. When I raised my eyes, she came over and clicked on status.

“Mom, don’t tell me you didn’t know about this WhatsApp feature!”

“Well, like always, it seems there is much I need to learn from you!”

I once again thanked God for His blessings as I scrolled down through the pics.

Here they are…

Wish you all, dear Friends, a Happy Mother’s Day!

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