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A young performer @Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar, Delhi

I spotted this boy on Saturday, 16 September 2022. To attract an audience, he was playing the dholak and stopping for a minute or two to contort his lean body through a round metal ring…If only this boy could go to school…

Phool khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan

Rain lilies blooming again on my terrace, 18 September 2022

Today, on our terrace…after 3-4 days of rain, my rain lilies are happy and blooming again…

It reminded me of the Bollywood film actress Tabassum and her TV show “Phool khilen hain Gulshan Gulshan,” which means flowers are blooming in every garden.

She interviewed movie actors and the show ran for 21 years! From 1972 to 1993! Can you imagine that? I don’t think any tv serial ever lasted that long. See her photo below from those days.

Tabassum in her TV talk show Phool Khilen Hain…Photo source: Google

Her chirpy, elegant, and dignified manner and her inimitable style of bursting into urdu poetry always created such a wonderful aura. You could easily imagine flowers blooming around you.

Here’s another photo of the same flower. I clicked it later when it was in full bloom.

Rain lily in full bloom, 18 September 2022

Read more about Tabassum’s Phool Khilen Hain Gulshan Gulshan here. https://www.hindustantimes.com/tv/up-close-and-personal-with-phool-khile-hain-gulshan-gulshan-s-tabassum/story-46CVj657VMRWLhRARh2g8O.html

See her interview with the film actress Deepti Naval here. https://youtu.be/L2EjvV5oMWs

Lauki Peels Sabji

Here’s another leftover recipe that I perfected on 16 September 2022. Simple, easy to make, with minimal spices; gets ready in a jiffy.

Lauki peels sabji

This time, I used lauki peels that most people discard. I was amazed to find it so delicious.

First, I sauteed it in some mustard oil with heeng, a scraped potato, one chopped onion, and a green chilli till the veggies turned light brown and crisp. Then I added salt, turmeric powder, and whole coriander powder.

See the pics below and you will understand.

Lauki peels, a potato, and an onion.
Chopped lauki peels into smaller pieces
Scraped the potato with this scraper into thin slices
Lauki peels sabji is ready

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