Old Toys, A Poem

When children grow older, Their toys hang around
As old memories.
And we as parents
Look at them wistfully, recalling all those
Soiled nappies,
Tearful visits
To pediatricians,
Struggles through creches,
Schools and PTMs.
Phew! So many challenges,
And of course, the happy days that finally brought us
Here today.
Well, who knows,
The toys may just
Get reclaimed again…

This poem is now in poemhunter.com, see URL below.


Staying Together, A poem

Inspired from this pic I clicked on 18 June 2020, I wrote a poem. Read it below…

Staying Together

You may forget me, dearest,
And I may forget you too.
Our children, friends
Have all slinked away
And we’re the only ones
But don’t you worry, dearest.

We’re going to stay.
And together
Grow old, dearest.
Through torrid rain,
Glaring sunshine,
And the chilling winter.

Till death pulls us apart…

Leaving Home

For plants too, I think, just like humans, leaving home must be a traumatic event; filled with anxiety, nervous excitement, and the tension of leaving a familiar, cloistered life for an uncertain journey ahead…

But in God, they trust, and keep moving on…

Now that I am temporarily freed from the fetters of a hectic job routine, I spend all my spare time these days in observing how my potted plants lead their lives…

See below the photos of the different stages of my Adenium plant…how its gorgeous flowers change into feathery, winged cream-colored, unglamorous seeds that float away to fulfill their different destinies.

Some land on hard, callous concrete floors and some on moist, kind, and welcoming soil…

I wonder how the Adenium plant propagates itself though, because I have never seen Adenium seeds germinating into new Adenium plants in any of the other pots placed nearby, like the periwinkles. This particular Adenium was planted on our terrace by our gardener…

In March 2020

In May 2020

June 2020, first week

In June 2020, 2nd week