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Happy Mother’s Day

On 12 May 2018, I was in for a big surprise….

I found 2 cardboard boxes in the kitchen when I reached home at night after work. My daughter Nanni (Nanni is her pet name) said, “Mom, these are for you, in advance. Happy Mother’s Day!

I was really touched. After I reach home, I feel so hungry and tired that I just don’t feel like cooking at all.

While we hugged each other, I realized how well she understood me and I silently thanked God for giving me a daughter as wonderful as Nanni. I quickly changed into my night suit and in the meantime Nanni laid out my treat for me on the table. See the pic above. Doesn’t it look gorgeous?

As if this wasn’t enough, she gave me one more gift and this time I had no words to express my joy…

She said, “Mom, just check my WhatsApp status. There is something special for you.”

I was a bit worried because when a grown up daughter says such things, you don’t really know what to expect.

I tried to postpone the shock for a while.

“My hands are greasy. Let me wash my hands first.”

A few minutes later, with trembling fingers, I picked up the phone and opened WhatsApp. But I didn’t find anything new. When I raised my eyes, she came over and clicked on status.

“Mom, don’t tell me you didn’t know about this WhatsApp feature!”

“Well, like always, it seems there is much I need to learn from you!”

I once again thanked God for His blessings as I scrolled down through the pics.

Here they are…

Wish you all, dear Friends, a Happy Mother’s Day!


One Happy Moment…

Yes, one happy moment, frozen forever…My parents, looking happy and carefree…That’s the way I like to think of them. Always. When things go downhill, I look at these pics and I feel better. Ready to go on again…





The Story Of A Poem

In 2006, my life turned completely upside down. Nothing seemed to work. It was during this tough phase that I wrote my poem ‘The Delhi Metro.’ I had no idea why I wrote what I wrote and what I was going to do about it. It was just a spontaneous expression of hope, strength, and courage to carry on and I felt light after writing it. The idea of getting it published some day never occurred to me and I wasn’t even sure whether it had any literary value at all.

When I showed the hand-written poem to my husband, he thought it was ‘nice’ and suggested some minor changes.

I subsequently uploaded the corrected poem on Poemhunter.com because every poem has a life and a destiny of its own. A day or two later, everything became as usual and I forgot all about the poem. Like me, the poem too wandered in the wilderness.

In 2012, however, six years later, Connie Robertson, an editor from OUP (Oxford University Press), UK, picked it up and chose it for inclusion in one of their upcoming textbooks! I still think I was a poetic Cinderella that a Fairy Godmother launched into the publishing world. Why else would a world-famous, prestigious publisher like OUP wish to engage with me, an obscure writer living in a poor country like India, doing a job that had nothing to do with writing, publishing, or poetry.

Connie’s first message to me was through Poemhunter as she didn’t have my email id. She requested me for “non-exclusive rights to OUP to publish my 60-line poem ‘The Delhi Metro.”

My first impulse was to count the number of lines. Yes, it was 60 alright, but I still had my apprehensions.

In my reply, I asked her to explain what she meant by “non-exclusive rights” because the idea of giving any kind of rights whatsoever, as far as I was concerned, felt like giving up a baby forever; a very painful thing, not something I could imagine myself doing.

Connie’s response was, “By non-exclusive rights, we mean that

a. You retain the copyright and you have full freedom to get the poem published elsewhere.

b. By allowing us to publish the poem, you will get the opportunity to show off your baby to the whole world.”

I was really touched after reading this. About 6 months later, OUP sent £200 into my bank account through RTGS and an author’s copy of the book at my residence through courier. I still have the courier packet as a momento…

I recently came across a very cute newly-married married couple in a Delhi Metro train. While they smiled, laughed, kissed and hugged each other in gay abandon right in front of my amused eyes, they reminded me of the newly-married couple in my poem ‘Delhi Metro,’ completly immersed in each other’s company. I could feel the dreamy, magical aura they created around themselves and I gave in to the strong temptation to freeze those ecstatic moments forever by clicking their photograph. They are now the hero and the heroine of this poem on Poemhunter. Here is the link:


Only Time will tell how this poem will lead its life in future.

Copyright: Jasbir Chatterjee

Changing Wardrobes



My latest poem “Changing Wardrobes” is now on Poemhunter.com. It was inspired from my photos in the collage you see on the top. Click here and read on.


I look forward to reading your comments.